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1 Hour Product Creation


Handy information regarding creating digital products in a timely manner.


Today’s most popular beverages are technically difficult to prepare, especially with today’s low-sugar and clean label requirements. Products like dairy substitutes, high protein smoothies, and retort café lattes require a trained workforce to match consumers’ flavour, texture, and stability expectations. You might run into issues like trouble acquiring an ingredient (especially if it’s innovative and organic), off-flavours like bitterness or astringency, or components dropping out of the solution throughout the development process. Plant-based beverage market is a recent trend that involves a lot of challenges, and only a few companies have converted it into a profitable business. To hide off-notes, boost sweetness, or improve mouth feel, you could replace an ingredient in the base or use flavourings with modifying qualities. If you’re experiencing trouble with stability, try an alternative stabilizer (such as carrageenan, xanthan gum, pectin, or gum Arabic) or reconsider your processing.


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